• 17 May

    What is Sub Rosa?

    Sub Rosa: mobile web browser and email reader app

    Sub Rosa is a mobile web browser application that allows you to access OWA, CAC-enabled websites, sign/encrypt/decrypt email, and securely browse websites. But what makes it different from other mobile web browsers, like Safari and Chrome?

    Simply, Sub Rosa is a two-factor enabled mobile web browser.

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  • 25 Apr

    Replace Your Laptop with Sub Rosa

    Replace Your Laptop with Your Phone

    5 pounds. The average weight of a laptop. In contrast, most tablets weigh less than 2 pounds and phones weigh even less. So why haven’t you replaced your laptop with your mobile device?

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  • 12 Apr

    Why Should You Implement a BYOD Program?

    Mobile Security

    Phones and tablets are always within fingertips reach, making them the perfect tool for business. But checking your email using the coffee shop’s free wi-fi while grabbing your latte or opening that email from a potential client could be more harmful than beneficial.

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  • 08 Mar

    Fileless Malware: The Malware that You Won't Know is There

    Fileless Malware

    Virtually undetectable, effective, and while not lethal, still devastating. It’s not a poison or gas- but fileless malware.

    What is Fileless Malware?

    Occasionally know as non-malware, it’s memory-based malware that lives in your computer’s RAM, doesn’t use software, and attacks vulnerabilities within the computer’s operating system and current software programs.

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