Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Bring Your Own Device BYOD

Before you left your house this morning, you made sure that you had your keys, wallet, and your phone. If I just made you realize that you forgot one of those things- you’re welcome.

Today, we rarely go anywhere without our phones, tablets or laptops which is why BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) programs make sense. They allow for employees to use their devices to access company networks and private information.

BYOD Pros:

  • Increased productivity because employees can work anywhere with a device that they’re comfortable using
  • Save money because companies don’t have to provide the device
  •  Employee satisfaction because they get to use the device they choose

BYOD Cons:

  • Security

While there are more pros than cons regarding BYOD programs, the one con is a big one. Companies work hard to make sure their networks are secure and if employees are able to access the network from their device, then lose the device or open an email containing malware- the network is now vulnerable. A vulnerable network can lead to stolen and leaked information, identity theft, and losing money (can you say lawsuit?).

This is why we advocate and recommend using multi-factor authentication, such as smartcards or derived credentials, for accessing information. Like our smartcard (or derived credential)-enabled web browser applications, Sub Rosa and Sub Rosa Pro (available for Apple and Android). Sub Rosa allows users to log in using their smartcard or derived credentials to securely browse sites and information, access Outlook Web Access (OWA), sign/encrypt/decrypt email, sign documents and access their OWA calendar.

In 2016, we created a customized version of our Sub Rosa application for the Navy Reserve’s BYOD program, called R2S (Ready 2 Serve). The app allows Reservists to securely access their government email and documents from their personal mobile device(s). The R2S app was installed by more than 20,000 users in the first three months of deployment and continues to gain popularity. 

The Navy Reserve's BYOD program has not only increased productivity by allowing reservist to complete reserve work from anywhere, but it also functions at 1/10th the cost of their previous government furnished equipment (GFE) program.  

To learn more about R2S and our other BYOD-friendly solutions, email or call (817) 478-5070.