Embracing the power of free

With Apple's recent Mac operating system Mavericks upgrade offered as free, the idea is capturing a lot of attention in the press. Thursby has long embraced free on the iPad and iPhone platforms where it offers end-to-end hardware, software and support for secure mobility. On iOS, both our market leading PKard secure browser and secure app development environment are free and royalty free where authentication is to a smart card.

What's particularly significant for government and corporate clients is that it really is free, not simply a redirection to a cloud or data center server that acts as a combined tollbooth, performance, scalability and security issue. Ours is U.S developed commercial software, U.S. certified and U.S. supported. 

So how do we make money on secure mobility?   With either our own hardware or third party licensing. No vendor can be free in all categories from hardware, to software, to support, to services, unless they have a so-called "URL model" -- ubiquity now and revenues later, as popularized by pets.com, a marketing model that presumes enough time and money to buy a market, or a EULA (end user license agreement) that spells out that data and meta data are being collected and sold.