GSA Schedule

2012 was a fantastic year for us, with strong demand for our Apple solutions, especially from the US Government, the world's largest organization.

2013 begins with a GSA Schedule that allows us to sell directly to the government, not necessarily selling more since we're already the market leader in our segment but selling faster, with simplified paperwork, helping clients and ourselves.

Since we're developing new markets with new products, it was important to us to maintain affordable pricing, direct relationships and stellar pre and post sales service, which cannot always be done with third party GSA vendors carrying 100s or 1000s of generic products.

Why aren't the PKard Reader or PKard SDK part of the GSA?   No need since they're free.

Historically, we've always worked both directly and via third party distributors and resellers for certain products -- the channel.   We will continue to support both approaches, to the extent that it's a fit for specific products, clients and markets, avoiding the extreme positions of channel only (potentially losing touch with customers in a hands-off model) or direct only (potentially missing the opportunity of a wider sales network in a hands-on model).