Media buzz in the secure mobility world

Secure mobility

A series of recent media stories has focused the public eye on computer security, from credit card fraud at retailers Target and Neiman Marcus, to Edward Snowden’s misuse of root passwords, to a second security scandal at RSA in two years. Consumer privacy and identity fraud protection services are booming such as, LifeLock, DuckDuckGo and even a custom Android secure phone has been announced in Switzerland for consumers, joining similar announcements of custom Android phones from the US' Boeing, French Thales and Bull. 

It's great to see a growing realization among consumers and enterprise that strong security is important.  Obviously, not all of these offerings have the same audiences or requirements for their production versions but a common understanding that consumer grade security tools such as passwords, OTA pass codes, device profiling or fencing do not provide strong resistance to identity fraud, tampering, counterfeiting and exploitation, although most are better than just plain old usernames/passwords and challenge questions that can be defeated with little effort by determined hackers.

Thursby's own secure mobile offerings for iPad, iPhone and shortly Android have been an "overnight success" since 2011!   Rather than reinventing the device, we add strong security to standard Apple or Android devices with a combination of plug-in hardware and easy-to-use software. Security leverages well established US and international two-factor smart card authentication and encryption standards such as HSPD-12, FIPS 140-2, FIPS 201 and OpenSSL.

Our mantra is strong security that's device agnostic, card reader agnostic, app agnostic,  authentication mechanism agnostic and MDM/MAM agnostic.  

Historically, COTS - commercial off the shelf - offerings are more affordable and more widely used than custom / bespoke offerings that forcibly cater to niche marketplaces.   The good news is that consumers and enterprise have so many options to choose amongst, a sign of a maturing market.