Replace Your Laptop with Sub Rosa

Replace Your Laptop with Your Phone

5 pounds. The average weight of a laptop. In contrast, most tablets weigh less than 2 pounds and phones weigh even less. So why haven’t you replaced your laptop with your mobile device?

Many of us have done exactly that, but if you require two-factor authentication for website access or S/MIME functionality the answer is likely that you think a switch isn’t a possibility. Enter Sub Rosa.

Sub Rosa is a two-factor enabled mobile web browser application (available for iOS and Android) that allows you to securely browse websites, access Outlook Web Access (OWA), and sign/encrypt/decrypt email. Sub Rosa uses your device’s data plan or wi-fi, like other browsers. However, unlike other browsers, your login credentials can’t be stolen when browsing on unsecure networks, like at Starbucks or the airport.

You’re still asking, “Why do I need Sub Rosa”? The straight-to-the-point answer:  You know you shouldn’t use public wi-fi- but you do. You’re probably waiting on your latte or waiting on your significant other to finish rummaging the Dollar Spot at that bulls-eye retailer while reading this- we don’t judge. 

But before you respond to the work email you just received- think about how vulnerable that message could be easily accessed by someone other than you if:

Sub Rosa combats all of these scenarios because it is accessed with either a smartcard or derived credentials (which are harder to replicate compared to usernames and passwords). When using Sub Rosa, you can only browse information with the presence of the authorized login credentials. For example, if you’re using a smartcard, our PKard reader for an Apple or Android device, and Sub Rosa- and the connection between the phone and reader (or card) is disrupted, the app will lock. This will end your current browsing session and all access to the information.

Sub Rosa is simple, secure, and versatile, making it ideal for individuals or organizations needing to implement mobile security that is effective and affordable.

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Are you ready to lose 5 pounds today?