Trade-in program

We were pleased to be able to offer this week our first hardware trade-in program, allowing customers of our first generation of 30-pin plastic reader products to upgrade to our second generation of metal readers at a reduced cost.

The move supports customers upgrading from older iPad, iPhone and iPod devices to newer ones since Apple itself has moved from 30-pin to Lightning connectors, as well as offering the opportunity to customers with older devices to move to brand new ones.

It is a first in the smart card reader accessory market.

Trade in details

How are we able to offer such a good deal?   Our $149.99 at quantity 1 bundled solutions include app and middleware licenses, certifications, phone and email technical support along with the hollow hardware.  Only the hardware is being traded-in.   For us, the lion's share of value in a bundled solution is in the software and support.

Our enterprise Mac software line has long included a related mechanism of protecting customer investments - the Support and Upgrade Agreement (SUA) that covers not only updates, phone and email support but most importantly upgrades given that Apple revises the operating system itself every 12 to 18 months.

Such programs are a rarity in the Windows hardware and software world where change takes place over years rather than months.