Version 2.0 - dual persona, organizations & "special sauce"

Thursby Software Systems, Inc., released a free v2.0 update this week to its popular “PKard® Reader” secure browser app for Apple iPad and iPhone.

Dual persona
PKard Reader v2.0 is the first and only secure browser app to support Dual Persona CAC.  Dual Persona cards are carried by “Army Reserve or Guard soldiers who are also DoD civilians or contractors authorized or required to have, carry, or use two separate CACs.”  Support was already in place on Macs with Thursby’s “PKard for Mac” software and will be rolled out across the ecosystem of secure apps and licensed hardware powered by Thursby’s “PKard Toolkit v2.0."

Organizational rollouts
PKard Reader version 2.0 includes many refinements for wide scale organizational deployments, complying with the latest STIG standards.  New features including organizational policy management, certificate revocation handling and options for zero Data At Rest.
"Special sauce"
PKard Reader v1.0 made its debut in late 2011, the world’s first secure browser for iPad and iPhone.  By early 2012, it was supporting over twenty thousand licensed users across commands, agencies and highly regulated organizations. Scores of official trials and pilots with government furnished equipment (GFE) drove part of the demand but the lion’s share was from end-users bringing their own devices to work (BYOD).  Users in both camps wanted the killer apps of mobile productivity right away – web and email – preserving both security and the compelling Apple user experience.   Under the hood, PKard Reader made that possible by leveraging the security infrastructure already in place, able to run standalone, or with an “alphabet soup” of complimentary and evolving third party management solutions competing to be DoD, Federal and corporate standards, from MAS, to MDM, MAM, VPN, VDI and even some approaches without cards or readers at all.