What is Sub Rosa?

Sub Rosa: mobile web browser and email reader app

Sub Rosa is a mobile web browser application that allows you to access OWA, CAC-enabled websites, sign/encrypt/decrypt email, and securely browse websites. But what makes it different from other mobile web browsers, like Safari and Chrome?

Simply, Sub Rosa is a two-factor enabled mobile web browser.

What is Two-Factor Authentication?
Two-factor authentication is access granted using a login that is something you know combined with something you have. Sub Rosa uses your smartcard (or derived credentials) with your PIN (Personal Identification Number). Two-factor authentication is a better login combination, compared to standard usernames and passwords because they’re harder to replicate.

This is a plus when using unsecure networks, where your login credentials are vulnerable to theft.

How Does Sub Rosa Work?
Once you’ve unlocked the browser you can securely browse sites, access OWA, and use S/MIME features. If the connection between your card and device becomes interrupted your browsing session will end- and your screen will lock. This allows for your activity to remain YOUR activity. Once you’ve been re-authenticated, you can resume your original browsing session, using the Screen Lock feature. However, if your session abruptly ends, a second user cannot access your browsing session because the Secure Reset feature will clear all information associated with your session. Screen Lock and Secure Reset are just a few of the security features unique to Sub Rosa. Sub Rosa also has optional security features, like Zero-Data-at-Rest, FIPS 140-2 Mode, and Do Not Track to manage information sharing.

What is Zero-Data-at-Rest?
Zero-Data-at-Rest is an optional feature that allows for you to choose whether or not information is able to be stored or shared outside the Sub Rosa application. For example, email attachments won’t be able to be printed or downloaded and saved to the mobile device. This is recommended if you’re using a shared mobile device that will have multiple users.

What is FIPS 140-2 Mode?
FIPS 140-2 Mode is a type of validation audit. The feature only allows you to access websites that use a FIPS 140-2 level of encryption. If this requirement isn’t met, you won’t be allowed to browse the site.

What is Do Not Track?
Do Not Track is a feature that requests a website does not track or collect your browsing through the use of cookies.

Other Security Features Include:

  • Symmetric Key wrapping

  • Symmetric Encrypt/Decrypt

  • Public Key Infrastructure and Enablement

Sub Rosa simplifies mobile security and can be customized to your preference.  While many of Sub Rosa’s additional security features are standard, some must be manually enabled. However, if you’d like to further customize your Sub Rosa experience to meet the needs of your organization, we recommend Sub Rosa Pro and Sub Rosa Ex.

What’s the Difference Between Sub Rosa Pro and Sub Rosa Ex?
Sub Rosa Pro can be managed by your organization’s MDM (Mobile Device Manager) and Sub Rosa Ex allows you further customization and the ability to implement your preferred settings to all users- without the use of an MDM.

You may not be a cybersecurity expert or even an IT professional, but you don’t have to be to use Sub Rosa. Sub Rosa is user friendly, effective, and secure- and, like all of our solutions, backed by a 30-day, money back guarantee. So what are you waiting for?