What's in a name?

Where does the company name come from? The company was founded by Bill Thursby in 1986.  The family name,  various towns, "Thursday" and "Thunder" are all associated with the Norse god "Thor".   Many IT companies of the period were named for their founders e.g. Dell (1984), McAfee (1987) and Perot (1988). PKard? PKard stands for Public Key Card.   We pronounce it P-card or Picard.   The connection to the Captain of the USS Enterprise is purely a happy coincidence. A happier one yet is that the new generation metal readers are made in part of an alloy called Kirksite.   Kirk and Picard side by side. The "K" of PKard is like the "K" in Knights or Knox.

ADmitMac? That's Active Directory, admit and Mac.  We pronounce it admit Mac -- admitting a Mac to a Windows Active Directory environment.

DAVE? DAVE was a dog that wasn't helping the development work of this ground-breaking Mac-Windows storage integration product.  Now a registered trademark and a product with a two-decade history.