• 08 Mar

    Fileless Malware: The Malware that You Won't Know is There

    Fileless Malware

    Virtually undetectable, effective, and while not lethal, still devastating. It’s not a poison or gas- but fileless malware.

    What is Fileless Malware?

    Occasionally know as non-malware, it’s memory-based malware that lives in your computer’s RAM, doesn’t use software, and attacks vulnerabilities within the computer’s operating system and current software programs.

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  • 22 Feb

    Cybercriminals are Phishing- Don't Take the Bait!


    5 years ago, if you received an email from an African prince requesting $500 from you to receive his inheritance and a promise to pay you back $10,000 you’d know it’s spam and delete it.

    Today, technology and spam have evolved- employing techniques that seek information ranging from login credentials to potential targets- techniques like social engineering.

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  • 25 Jan

    Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

    Bring Your Own Device BYOD

    Before you left your house this morning, you made sure that you had your keys, wallet, and your phone. If I just made you realize that you forgot one of those things- you’re welcome.

    Today, we rarely go anywhere without our phones, tablets or laptops which is why BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) programs make sense. They allow for employees to use their devices to access company networks and private information.

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