• 23 Dec

    Happy holidays, 80,000 customers ending 2013, looking forward to 2014

    Happy holidays!

    2013 has been a great year -- highlights below.   As we wrap up for the holidays, we have over 80,000 iPad, iPhone and Mac customers across 140 countries, many with 100s to 1000s of devices under management.

    That’s over 10,000 new clients this year and over 30,000 new clients since 2010.  Our strong military-grade smart card authentication and encryption for secure mobility has been a key driver.

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  • 11 Nov

    Origins of the Challenge Coin

    Although it is tough to definitively know why and when the challenge coin tradition actually began its true origins stem from the ancient Roman times when soldiers were rewarded with specialty minted coins from the Legion for valor in battle.

    It was said that the modern military started using the challenge coin in WWI when a wealthy Lieutenant ordered medallions struck in bronze and presented them to his unit. One young pilot placed the medallion in a small leather pouch that he wore about his neck.

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