• 24 Oct

    Embracing the power of free

    With Apple's recent Mac operating system Mavericks upgrade offered as free, the idea is capturing a lot of attention in the press. Thursby has long embraced free on the iPad and iPhone platforms where it offers end-to-end hardware, software and support for secure mobility.

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  • 07 Oct

    Website refresh

    Thursby has had a web presence for two decades, dating back to the dawn of the commercial internet. This week saw our latest refresh, with a goal of making content faster and simpler to find for customers and better presented across all platform types. Behind the scenes, the latest content management tools will allows us to keep pace with our packed schedule of upcoming announcements.

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  • 18 Sep

    Trade-in program

    We were pleased to be able to offer this week our first hardware trade-in program, allowing customers of our first generation of 30-pin plastic reader products to upgrade to our second generation of metal readers at a reduced cost.

    The move supports customers upgrading from older iPad, iPhone and iPod devices to newer ones since Apple itself has moved from 30-pin to Lightning connectors, as well as offering the opportunity to customers with older devices to move to brand new ones.

    It is a first in the smart card reader accessory market.

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  • 11 Aug

    Why a mobile device is a lot like a laptop? Putting the D in DIT 'n' DAR

    There's a lot of discussion around managing mobile devices or mobile apps with so-called MDM and MAM infrastructures for modern iPad, iPhone, Android and legacy Windows or BlackBerry tablets and smartphones.  It's already been two years since the first Gartner Magic Quadrant on mobile management and there are scores of offerings in the marketplace,  promising varying takes on managing "everything for everyone and everywhere".  That begs the questions -- is there an easier and simpler way

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