• 22 Apr

    What's in a name?

    Where does the company name come from? The company was founded by Bill Thursby in 1986.  The family name,  various towns, "Thursday" and "Thunder" are all associated with the Norse god "Thor".   Many IT companies of the period were named for their founders e.g. Dell (1984), McAfee (1987) and Perot (1988). PKard? PKard stands for Public Key Card.   We pronounce it P-card or Picard.   The connection to the Captain of the USS Enterprise is purely a happy coincidence.

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  • 07 Jan

    Secure mobile ... a story and a moral!

    Apologies to Pixar for mimicking their generic plot line... Nemo, Toy Story etc.

    Once upon a time government and enterprise customers (especially in regulated industries) were able to communicate securely using Microsoft Windows and RIM Blackberry infrastructure, leveraging strong two factor security with smart cards.

    Every day, more and more and employees started to work first from home and then their offices using Apple Mac, iPad and iPhone mobile devices.

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  • 02 Jan

    GSA Schedule

    2012 was a fantastic year for us, with strong demand for our Apple solutions, especially from the US Government, the world's largest organization.

    2013 begins with a GSA Schedule that allows us to sell directly to the government, not necessarily selling more since we're already the market leader in our segment but selling faster, with simplified paperwork, helping clients and ourselves.

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