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OS X 10.10 Yosemite Compatibility Information

The current versions of all products support OS X 10.10 Yosemite

Update, June 2015

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How can I deploy DAVE to multiple machines?

It is possible to use NetRestore to install DAVE using a VLA license either by removing the computer name in /Library/Preferences/com.thursby.DAVE.cifsd.plist from the master image, or running a NetRestore script after the fact that adds the computer name.

If you are using Mac OS X 10.4, you will need to use the Mac OS X Property list Editor to modify the file /Library/Preferences/com.thursby.DAVE.cifsd.plist. In this file the computer name can be found in:

DAVE Networking

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Is it possible to mount hidden shares with ADmitMac?

If you would like to access a hidden share, you must mount it manually, including the "$" in the share name. ADmitMac is unable to browse to hidden shares. You can do that either in the "Connect to Server" window, or using the ADmitMac browser.

To use the "Connect to Server" window:
1. Select Go/Connect to Server...
2. In the Address field, enter the Server and the Share Name using URL format. For example:
3. Click Connect (or press Enter).

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Where is the user's home folder located when logging into the domain with ADmitMac?

ADmitMac has three different home folder options, and each uses a different location for the home folder:

Network home folder:  This option connects to the user's network home (or "U: drive") and mounts it.  No information is stored locally on the Mac, only in their network home.

Local home folder:  ADmitMac will create a locally stored profile in /Domain/<domain name>/Users/<user name>.

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How do I mount a volume via the terminal in Mac OS X using ADmitMac or DAVE?

The correct format to use when mounting a volume via the terminal:

mount -t cifs '//domain;username:password@computername/sharename' /folder/subfolder

To unmount a volume via the terminal enter this command:

umount /folder/subfolder

- domain;username:password@ is only needed when connecting to a share on a domain requiring domain credentials.

- put an apostrophe before "//" and after the "sharename"

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Can I use DAVE to access an NTFS or FAT formatted external drive connected to the local Macintosh?

DAVE is a TCP/IP network sharing service. It allows the Macintosh to access shared Windows resources and gives a Windows computer access to DAVE shared resources on the Macintosh. DAVE cannot be used to access a drive local to the Macintosh. If the external drive was connected to a Windows computer and shared via windows file sharing, the Macintosh should be able to connect to the drive over the network and access the contents of that drive without problem.

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How do I log into my network using ADmitMac?

To log into the Mac using a domain account:

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How do I change the ADmitMac license code?

If you have evaluated ADmitMac and have purchased a new license, you do not need to reinstall -- you can simply change the license code (key) in the software you're evaluating.

To change the license code

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How do I mount a share manually using DAVE for Mac OS X?

To mount a shared folder manually:

1. Select Go/Connect to Server... (or Command+K).

2. In the Address field, enter the Server and Share Name using URL format. Here are examples:

If you use any special characters in a username, password or server, you must change them as follows:

@ to %40
: to %3A
; to %3B
/ to %2F
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Does DAVE support long filenames?

DAVE supports long filenames. Windows stores both a long file name and a short file name for every file. Because DAVE resides on a Mac, it will not be able to see long filenames that exceed 31 characters in length. Therefore, it will display the short file name. The short filename is created by Windows to fit the 8.3 format.

An example of the naming convention for short filenames:
You have three files on the Windows machine:


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