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Can I get technical support for the trial versions of ADmitMac and DAVE?

You receive free support for the duration of your trial. Please do not hesitate to call with any questions you may have. Support Specialists can be reached by phone from 8am-5pm Central at +1-817-478-5070 or by email at

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Do ADmitMac and DAVE support .lnk (shortcut) files?

Our products support '.lnk' files in most cases.

If the link is a link to a file in the same share, double clicking the link will open the file.

If the link is a link in a different share, double clicking the link will cause the share to be mounted, and the file to be opened.

Not all targets of link files will be accessible to the Mac. For example, a link may refer to a file that is not in a shared folder. In this case, opening the link on a Macintosh will result in an error dialog:

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I've lost my license key. Can you send it to me?

If you have lost your license code and serial number, and you have registered your product, we can look up your serial number and email it to you from this license query page.

If you have your serial number, please send it to and we will email the license key to you.

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I downloaded the ADmitMac/DAVE software, but I didn't receive an evaluation key.

To receive an evaluation license key, you must complete the online evaluation form at After completing the form, an email will be sent to you with information about ADmitMac/DAVE , including the evaluation license key.

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Where can I find my ADmitMac/DAVE serial number?

The serial number can be found in the ADmitMac/DAVE Network Utility.

1. Go to /Applications/Utilities and double click on the "ADmitMac Network Utility" or DAVE Network Utility"

2. Click on the "Info" tab.

3. In the upper right corner of the window is a box titled "License", here you should see your serial number.

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How do I know what version of ADmitMac/DAVE I am running?

1. Go to /Applications/Utilities and open the ADmitMac/DAVE Network Utility.

2. Click on the "Versions" tab at the top.

3. This screen should display the version you are running.

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How do I uninstall ADmitMac?

The "Uninstall ADmitMac" utility, can be found in /Library/Application Support/ADmitMac or is included with the installation media. Open this file and follow the on-screen instructions.

NOTE: Uninstalling ADmitMac does not remove the following files:


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The file "FILENAME" in the desktop printer "PRINTERNAME" will be moved to the desktop because it is not a print file.

We are looking into this issue for possible resolution in a future release of DAVE. It seems that the Windows postscript print driver does not format the postscript file correctly for the Macintosh to read. The Macintosh will recognize that the file is a postscript file, but because of the formatting, it will not recognize it as a print file.

Please try the following steps:

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"The operation could not be completed because you do not have enough access privileges."

There are three possible causes for this.

1. If you are using a network home folder, make sure that your domain account has not met the disk quota available to you. There is a known issue where if your home folder grows in size and nears, or has reached, the amount of hard disk space alloted to your domain account, you will not receive a disk quota warning. Instead, once the disk quota is met, you will no longer be able to save files to your home folder.

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