Do ADmitMac and DAVE work with AirPort?

Yes. ADmitMac and DAVE can work with AirPort. The reason some users have trouble connecting with AirPort is because of the way some routers use NAT (Network Address Translation) to share an IP address.

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Can I change my domain password from DAVE?

Older 2003 and 2000 domains: Yes. Go to System Preferences/DAVE Login. Log into the network and click Change Password. Enter your old password, then your new password twice and click Connect. If the password was successfully changed, DAVE will log you on using the new password.

2008 or newer: DAVE is unable to change the password in 2008 and newer domains. If this is a functionality that you require then we suggest you try ADmitMac.

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Does DAVE support domain login?

2003 and older domains:

Yes. DAVE allows a user to execute a network logon. This feature allows users to browse different servers on the network without having to enter a username/password combination for each connection. Domain login is accessed through System Preferences/DAVE Login.

2008 and newer:

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Does DAVE support file conversions?

DAVE works with Apple's PC Exchange to convert PC file extensions into Type and Creator information that the Finder can use. This way, your Macintosh applications can identify their files. You will need to have the appropriate Macintosh application for the files that you want to open or a translator for that file type.

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Is it possible to mount hidden shares using DAVE?

Yes. If would like to access a hidden share, you must mount it manually. You can do that either in the "Connect to Server" window, or using the DAVE browser.

To use the "Connect to Server" window:

1. Select Go/Connect to Server...
2. In the Address field, enter the Server and the Share Name (ex. C$) using URL format. For example:
3. Connect (or press Enter).

To use the DAVE Browser:

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How do I remove the trial version of ADmitMac or DAVE?

If you choose not to purchase ADmitMac, you should remove the software. To remove ADmitMac, use the following uninstall utility:
/Library/Application Support/ADmitMac/Uninstall ADmitMac

If you choose not to purchase DAVE, you should remove the software. To remove DAVE, use the following uninstall utility:
/Library/Application Support/DAVE/Uninstall DAVE

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How do I change the DAVE license code?

If you have evaluated DAVE and have purchased a new license, you do not need to reinstall -- you can simply change the license code (key) in the software you're evaluating.

To change your license code, open your System Preferences and choose DAVE Network. Click the lock and authenticate to enable the preference pane. Click "Change License...", enter the new license code and click OK.

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Can I get technical support for the trial versions of ADmitMac and DAVE?

You receive free support for the duration of your trial. Please do not hesitate to call with any questions you may have. Support Specialists can be reached by phone from 8am-5pm Central at +1-817-478-5070 or by email at support@thursby.com.

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Does DAVE work with UNIX, Linux or BSD?

DAVE allows your Mac to communicate with Windows computers and servers for the purpose of sharing files and printers. Although DAVE formally supports only Microsoft operating systems, we offer limited support for non-Microsoft systems. If your UNIX/Linux platform is running an SMB server such as Samba, DAVE will likely communicate with it. Though DAVE is optimized for Windows networking, current versions of Samba server can be assumed to work.

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