Error Messages

First gen PKard Reader doesn't work with iPad using a lightning adapter.

The problem when connecting the TSS-PK6 reader to an iPad with iOS 8 or newer with a Lightning Adapter is that some communication data that is sent to the hardware when connected has changed.  This change is causing the hardware to reset.  This is why you likely see the error, "This accessory is not supported by this iPad" when you connect the reader with the adapter, even without our app installed.
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Unable to log into AROWS-R

As of 1/10/17, we received information from another reservist that AROWS-R is no longer available from public networks.  Please call or email the AROWS-R Help Desk if you require any additional information.


+1 877-294-5822

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S/MIME controls are not available

Emails that have been signed and or encrypted will display the message "S/MIME controls are not available". This message means that when OWA tried to load its S/MIME plug-in that allows for signing, encrypted, and decrypting of emails, something went wrong and failed to load the plug-in. The only web browser that is capable of loading this plug-in is Internet Explorer on Windows. No other Windows or Mac web browser is capable of loading this plug-in, therefore you will not be able to sign, encrypt, or decrypt email.

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PKard Reader & iOS 10 - WARNING!

UPDATE - October 24, 2016

iOS 10.1 was released today and does fix the Apple bug causing this issue. 


UPDATE - October 12, 2016

Over the past week, we've received several reports from customers that the public beta of iOS 10.1 corrects the bug that keeps the phone from seeing the reader.


UPDATE - September 23, 2016

Apple released iOS 10.0.2 today, September 23rd. Our testing shows that this DOES NOT fix the bug affecting our readers. 


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The file "FILENAME" in the desktop printer "PRINTERNAME" will be moved to the desktop because it is not a print file.

We are looking into this issue for possible resolution in a future release of DAVE. It seems that the Windows postscript print driver does not format the postscript file correctly for the Macintosh to read. The Macintosh will recognize that the file is a postscript file, but because of the formatting, it will not recognize it as a print file.

Please try the following steps:

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"Cannot run with other SMB/CIFS/Microsoft networking servers on the same machine. Error Code: 48"

There are two causes of this error:

1. OS X 10.7, Lion, and the Firewall

In Lion, the built-in Firewall can cause ADmitMac or DAVE to report this error on installation.  This is a bug in the Firewall that has been reported to Apple.  To work around the issue, launch the System Preferences and click the Security & Privacy pane.  On the Firewall tab, stop the Firewall, then reboot the Mac.  You should then be able to install ADmitMac or DAVE.

2. Windows File Sharing

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"The operation could not be completed because you do not have enough access privileges."

There are three possible causes for this.

1. If you are using a network home folder, make sure that your domain account has not met the disk quota available to you. There is a known issue where if your home folder grows in size and nears, or has reached, the amount of hard disk space alloted to your domain account, you will not receive a disk quota warning. Instead, once the disk quota is met, you will no longer be able to save files to your home folder.

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Why does it say "Connection Failed" when I click the server in the Sidebar?

In Mac OS X v10.5 (Leopard), Apple made some significant changes to the Mac OS Finder and the Sidebar, and these changes persist in Mac OS X v10.6 (Snow Leopard). You will not be able to access Windows servers through the sidebar, but will be able to access the volumes once you have mounted them using either the ADmitMac Browser, or by entering the path into the Server Address field in "Go - Connect to Server". We have been made to understand that it is a bug in the Finder that keeps network volumes from working properly in the Sidebar, and that Apple is working to resolve it.

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