Functionality and Capabilities

iPad Pro USB-C to Lightning adapter

We are happy to announce that our TSS-PK7 reader (iOS plug-in reader with lightning connector) and Sub Rosa secure browser can be utilized with the USB-C iPad Pro by using the following adapter here:
This adapter is compatible with Apple's MFi program and is the only adapter that we know of that will work with our TSS-PK7.  Please keep in mind that a standard USB-C reader and adapters will not work with the new iPad Pro.
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"This accessory may not be supported" error when using 30-pin reader with adapter

When using a TSS-PK8 (30-pin reader) with a 30-ping to Lightning adapter, you might receive an error that "This accessory may not be supported".  This is assumed to be a problem with newer devices (e.g. iPhone 7, iPad Pro) and how much power the device requires to work.

In some cases, simply clicking "Dismiss" will allow you to use the reader with Sub Rosa.

If the reader will not be recognized, please contact the Support Department at 


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macOS High Sierra Compatiblity

Update - December 28, 2017

PKard for Mac v1.7

PKard for Mac v1.7 works as expected with macOS High Sierra.

After upgrading to High Sierra, you may need to reinstall PKard for Mac.

We have compiled a short list of Common problems using PKard for Mac on High Sierra.

If you have any questions, please contact our Support Department.

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Will this app work with Sub Rosa?

In order for you to use your smart card outside of the Sub Rosa, the app developers would need to have built their app using our SDK.  This means that the app in question will know to look to Sub Rosa for smart card credentials.  We recommend that you contact the app developers and inquire about Sub Rosa integration.

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Is there an extender or dongle to use with thick cases? (OtterBox, LifeProof, etc)

Thursby does not sell any extenders, dongles, or extension cables, but there are several types that can be used with thicker cases. Here are a few options that we have tried in-house and like (links to


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SCR 3500A and OS X

Identive has released a new version of their 3500 reader with the model number of SCR 3500 A.  This reader is not natively supported by the Mac OS, and can be misleading as the reader will show up in the Mac's System Information and in the PKard Assistant.  We have been asked to inform our customers to go to Identive's FAQ page in order to obtain new drivers for this reader.
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Changing the User Agent of the browser

PKard Reader includes the ability to change the User Agent of the web browser. Some websites (like NROWS) may only be accessible through approved browsers, and changing the User Agent to that browser may let you in. Here is how to change this setting:
 - First, tap the gear to open the Settings menu
 - Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Advanced
 - Tap User Agent at the top of the page
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Will you be supporting OS X 10.11 El Capitan?

The current versions of all products support OS X 10.11 El Capitan.

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How can I deploy DAVE to multiple machines?

It is possible to use NetRestore to install DAVE using a VLA license either by removing the computer name in /Library/Preferences/com.thursby.DAVE.cifsd.plist from the master image, or running a NetRestore script after the fact that adds the computer name.

If you are using Mac OS X 10.4, you will need to use the Mac OS X Property list Editor to modify the file /Library/Preferences/com.thursby.DAVE.cifsd.plist. In this file the computer name can be found in:

DAVE Networking

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How can I use Symbolic links with network home folders so that part of the user's home folder is on the server and part of it is local to the user's machine?

You may want to provide network home folders to your users, but keep parts of their home folder on a local hard disk. For example, you might want to keep a user's Movies folder on the local disk and encourage them to keep their iMovie projects there to improve performance and reduce network storage needs. Symbolic links are used to point the Movies folder back to the local disk. For example, you can direct a user's Movies folder to a folder on the local disk using these steps:

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