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iPad Pro USB-C to Lightning adapter

We are happy to announce that our TSS-PK7 reader (iOS plug-in reader with lightning connector) and Sub Rosa secure browser can be utilized with the USB-C iPad Pro by using the following adapter here:
This adapter is compatible with Apple's MFi program and is the only adapter that we know of that will work with our TSS-PK7.  Please keep in mind that a standard USB-C reader and adapters will not work with the new iPad Pro.
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iOS 12

iOS 12 was released on September 17, 2018.

The only problem that we've seen with iOS 12 is that sometimes the card reader is not found.

When using all of the following:
… iOS 12
… R2S or Sub Rosa
… iPad (not iPhone or iPod)

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R2S: Can I swap my reader?

At this time R2S is only allowing one coupon per person, and all swaps require approval from the Navy's R2S Team.  To request a swap, you can call 757-322-2489, or   You will need your original invoice, and they will request your original coupon code; if you need either one of these items please email our Sales team.  If they approve, you will be instructed on how to return your reader to be exchanged for the new reader.
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"This accessory may not be supported" error when using 30-pin reader with adapter

When using a TSS-PK8 (30-pin reader) with a 30-ping to Lightning adapter, you might receive an error that "This accessory may not be supported".  This is assumed to be a problem with newer devices (e.g. iPhone 7, iPad Pro) and how much power the device requires to work.

In some cases, simply clicking "Dismiss" will allow you to use the reader with Sub Rosa.

If the reader will not be recognized, please contact the Support Department at 


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Server cannot be found

Recently, customers have reported that they cannot get to receiving the error: the server “” cannot be found. From our research, this appears to be a DNS issue, and reports a similar issue. The solution that works for us is to set a custom DNS server.

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Sub Rosa for iOS User Guide

You can use the following link to access the Sub Rosa for iOS User Guide.

You can use the following link to access the Sub Rosa Pro for iOS User Guide.

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Will this app work with Sub Rosa?

In order for you to use your smart card outside of the Sub Rosa, the app developers would need to have built their app using our SDK.  This means that the app in question will know to look to Sub Rosa for smart card credentials.  We recommend that you contact the app developers and inquire about Sub Rosa integration.

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First gen PKard Reader doesn't work with iPad using a lightning adapter.

The problem when connecting the TSS-PK6 reader to an iPad with iOS 8 or newer with a Lightning Adapter is that some communication data that is sent to the hardware when connected has changed.  This change is causing the hardware to reset.  This is why you likely see the error, "This accessory is not supported by this iPad" when you connect the reader with the adapter, even without our app installed.
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Unable to log into AROWS-R

As of 1/10/17, we received information from another reservist that AROWS-R is no longer available from public networks.  Please call or email the AROWS-R Help Desk if you require any additional information.


+1 877-294-5822

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Is there an extender or dongle to use with thick cases? (OtterBox, LifeProof, etc)

Thursby does not sell any extenders, dongles, or extension cables, but there are several types that can be used with thicker cases. Here are a few options that we have tried in-house and like (links to


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