Android non-bundled and bundled Identiv readers

As of May 24, 2018, Sub Rosa and Sub Rosa Pro for Android v4.0.3 (1450) were released to production in the Google Play Store and through our online store. With this update, we began selling bundled readers that offer the software, Sub Rosa, and hardware together for one price. These are the same white, Identiv readers we previously offered.

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R2S requires Android 6

The latest version of R2S on Android only supports Android version 6.0 and higher. 

If you are running Android OS version 5 or earlier, you will not be able to install the current release of R2S.

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Sub Rosa Pro requires Android 6

The latest version of Sub Rosa Pro on Android only supports Android 6.0 and higher. 

If you are running Android OS version 5 or earlier, you will not be able to install the current release of Sub Rosa Pro.

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R2S: Can I swap my reader?

At this time R2S is only allowing one coupon per person, and all swaps require approval from the Navy's R2S Team.  To request a swap, you can call 757-322-2489, or R2S@navy.mil.   You will need your original invoice, and they will request your original coupon code; if you need either one of these items please email our Sales team.  If they approve, you will be instructed on how to return your reader to be exchanged for the new reader.
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R2S: Support contact information

You can contact the Navy's CNRFC Customer Support Center using the following information:
Help Desk

You can contact Thursby's Support Specialists using the following information:


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I downloaded the ADmitMac/DAVE software, but I didn't receive an evaluation key.

To receive an evaluation license key, you must complete the online evaluation form at https://store.thursby.com/evaluations/. After completing the form, an email will be sent to you with information about ADmitMac/DAVE , including the evaluation license key.

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Why are .DS_Store files created in network shares on Mac OS X?

.DS_Store files are created by the Mac OS X Finder. The Finder will place a .DS_Store file in every folder you have opened. These files are used to save the placement of the icons, the size of the respective Finder window, the window's background and many other view options.

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Can I download your software on a windows computer and transfer it using removable media?

Yes. There should be no problem downloading our Macintosh software products onto a Windows computer, copying it to some form of removable media (i.e. CD, Zip drive, etc.), and then transferring that media over to a Macintosh for installation. It is not recommend that you try to uncompress the downloaded file on the windows computer. Doing so may corrupt the file.

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How do I change the short name of a local Mac OS X account?

This is an article on Apple's support site on changing the short name of a local Mac OS X account:


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Where can I find my ADmitMac/DAVE serial number?

The serial number can be found in the ADmitMac/DAVE Network Utility.

1. Go to /Applications/Utilities and double click on the "ADmitMac Network Utility" or DAVE Network Utility"

2. Click on the "Info" tab.

3. In the upper right corner of the window is a box titled "License", here you should see your serial number.

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