Setup and Configuration

macOS High Sierra Compatiblity

Update - September 21, 2017

PKard for Mac v1.7

PKard for Mac v1.7 works as expected with macOS High Sierra.

After upgrading to High Sierra, you may need to reinstall PKard for Mac.

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PKard Reader & iOS 10 - WARNING!

UPDATE - October 24, 2016

iOS 10.1 was released today and does fix the Apple bug causing this issue. 


UPDATE - October 12, 2016

Over the past week, we've received several reports from customers that the public beta of iOS 10.1 corrects the bug that keeps the phone from seeing the reader.


UPDATE - September 23, 2016

Apple released iOS 10.0.2 today, September 23rd. Our testing shows that this DOES NOT fix the bug affecting our readers. 


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Changing the User Agent of the browser

PKard Reader includes the ability to change the User Agent of the web browser. Some websites (like NROWS) may only be accessible through approved browsers, and changing the User Agent to that browser may let you in. Here is how to change this setting:
 - First, tap the gear to open the Settings menu
 - Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Advanced
 - Tap User Agent at the top of the page
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What are the differences in Home Folder configurations?

The three types of home folder configurations with ADmitMac are Local, Network, and Mobile Account.

More information to follow.

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Can I get support for a free trial?

Our evaluation versions are fully-functional, time limited, and completely supported trials to allow you to completely test in your environment.

Please contact our Support Specialists at with any questions, or feel free to join the User Forum to discuss issues or ask questions.

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How do I configure ADmitMac?

For information on configuring ADmitMac, please refer to the "ADmitMac Configuration" document located in /Library/Application Support/ADmitMac folder (after installation) or in the installer disk image (before installation).

For more detailed information, please refer to the "ADmitMac Administration Guide" also located in those locations.

For further assistance, please contact our Support Department at

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I've lost my license key. Can you send it to me?

If you have lost your license code and serial number, and you have registered your product, we can look up your serial number and email it to you from this license query page.

If you have your serial number, please send it to and we will email the license key to you.

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How do I uninstall ADmitMac?

The "Uninstall ADmitMac" utility, can be found in /Library/Application Support/ADmitMac or is included with the installation media. Open this file and follow the on-screen instructions.

NOTE: Uninstalling ADmitMac does not remove the following files:


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How do I change my network password?

Use the My Network Account system preference window to verify who is currently logged in, change or update your network password and to verify when your password expires. To change your network password:

1. Select Apple and System Preferences...

2. Select My Network Account.

3. Click the Change button. A password change drop-down will display.

4. Enter your new password.

5. Click Apply.

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What is the best way to update to the most recent version?

ADmitMac v5.1

To update ADmitMac to the latest version, you must run the installer while logged in to a local admin account. If you run the installer while logged in to a domain account, the installation might fail or cause damage to your domain account.

If you have already run the installer while logged in to a domain account, please log in with a local admin account and run the installer again. If the Setup Assistant runs automatically after the installer quits, please click through it - confirming settings - until it completes.

DAVE v8.1

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