PKard for Mac License Recovery

For orders placed prior to April 1, 2021, please use our old license retrieval system.

For orders placed on or after April 1, 2021, please use our new license retrieval system.

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iPad Pro USB-C to Lightning adapter

We are happy to announce that our TSS-PK7 reader (iOS plug-in reader with lightning connector) and Sub Rosa secure browser can be utilized with the USB-C iPad Pro by using the following adapter here:
This adapter is compatible with Apple's MFi program and is the only adapter that we know of that will work with our TSS-PK7.  Please keep in mind that a standard USB-C reader and adapters will not work with the new iPad Pro.
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Safari 12 & CAC Authentication

We are aware of an issue with Safari 12 where users are unable to access CAC-protected websites.
The problem is that Safari never prompts the user to enter a PIN.  After a few moments, the following error will appear:

Safari Can’t Open the Page

Safari can’t open the page “(website)”. The error is:
“WebKit encountered an internal error” (WebKitErrorDomain:300)
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R2S requires Android 6

The latest version of R2S on Android only supports Android version 6.0 and higher. 

If you are running Android OS version 5 or earlier, you will not be able to install the current release of R2S.

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Sub Rosa Pro requires Android 6

The latest version of Sub Rosa Pro on Android only supports Android 6.0 and higher. 

If you are running Android OS version 5 or earlier, you will not be able to install the current release of Sub Rosa Pro.

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"This accessory may not be supported" error when using 30-pin reader with adapter

When using a TSS-PK8 (30-pin reader) with a 30-ping to Lightning adapter, you might receive an error that "This accessory may not be supported".  This is assumed to be a problem with newer devices (e.g. iPhone 7, iPad Pro) and how much power the device requires to work.

In some cases, simply clicking "Dismiss" will allow you to use the reader with Sub Rosa.

If the reader will not be recognized, please contact the Support Department at 


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Common problems using PKard for Mac on High Sierra and Mojave

Here are the most common problems / solutions using PKard for Mac on High Sierra.

During install, PKard Assistant will not recognize the card is available.

When PKard Assistant prompts you to connect your reader and insert your card, sometimes the reader is recognized and the card is not. In this situation, the software is already installed, and the PKard Assistant can be canceled.

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Server cannot be found

Recently, customers have reported that they cannot get to receiving the error: the server “” cannot be found. From our research, this appears to be a DNS issue, and reports a similar issue. The solution that works for us is to set a custom DNS server.

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USB-C to Micro USB Adapter

If you have a phone that has a USB-C port, and you already have a Micro USB card reader, then we recommend that you use an adapter that has already been tested by Thursby Software. Here are some that have been tested in our office:

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