R2S: Support contact information

You can contact the Navy's CNRFC Customer Support Center using the following information:
Help Desk

You can contact Thursby's Support Specialists using the following information:


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SCR 3500A and OS X

Identive has released a new version of their 3500 reader with the model number of SCR 3500 A.  This reader is not natively supported by the Mac OS, and can be misleading as the reader will show up in the Mac's System Information and in the PKard Assistant.  We have been asked to inform our customers to go to Identive's FAQ page in order to obtain new drivers for this reader.
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PKard for Good Technology now supports iOS 9

PKard for Good v2.1 has been released to support iOS 9 and the latest versions of Good for Enterprise.  If you have any questions about PKard for Good, please contact our Support Department at .

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How do I uninstall ADmitMac?

The "Uninstall ADmitMac" utility, can be found in /Library/Application Support/ADmitMac or is included with the installation media. Open this file and follow the on-screen instructions.

NOTE: Uninstalling ADmitMac does not remove the following files:


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I just received an evaluation license code key and it has already expired. What can I do?

Open System Preferences/Date and Time and verify that the time, date (including year) and time zone are correct.

If this information is incorrect, the evaluation key may expire prematurely.

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When I try to access my Windows computer with DAVE, why am I prompted for a username, password and domain even though I don't have a domain network?

If you use DAVE to access a Windows NT, 2000 or XP computer, the PC will request authentication. This authentication is similar to the Domain authentication required when using Microsoft's server line of products. If you are not in a domain environment, you can just leave that field blank.

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Why do I not have "OU" and "Mappings" tabs in my ADmitMac settings?

These settings only appear if you join the Mac to an Active Directory (AD) domain using the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN). If you join the Active Directory domain using the short name (NetBIOS name) of the domain, ADmitMac will assume it is an NT domain. To join it to the AD, you would need to remove the current domain binding and join it using the FQDN.

If your network is not Active Directory (when you join the computer to an NT domain network) those options are not available in the ADmitMac Directory Access Plugin properties.

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Why am I getting prompted for a license code installing DAVE or ADmitMac, when we have a VLA (Volume License Agreement)?

If the software you are installing is not from a special VLA disk image, you will get prompted for a license code. You will need to install the software from the disk image provided by the Sales Department, and install any updates afterwards.

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What are the instructions for performing a packet trace (tcpdump)?

These instructions are from Apple's support site. The original article can be found here:

1. Log in with an administrator account into Mac OS X.
2. Open Terminal (/Applications/Utilities).
3. To start the trace, you will type a command, followed by the Return key. The command you choose needs to match the way your computer connects to the Internet. You can also copy and paste the appropriate command into the terminal application to avoid typing mistakes.

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