I am prompted for credentials when accessing a particular server after I am already logged into the domain. Other servers grant me access without prompting. No credentials I enter are accepted. Why?

 It is possible you are connecting to a NAS (Network Attached Storage) device. Some NAS devices seem to only support using Kerberos in the extended security protocol and not NTLM extended security.

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Why do Dfs links on a Dfs share appear greyed out when I try to open them from within certain applications?

This is a refresh issue that is a known limitation with certain applications that were written using Apple's Carbon API, but not applications written using Apple's Cocoa API. The work around is to change the folder view in the "Open" dialogue window of the Application or to cancel out of the "File - Open" dialogue in the affected application and then go right back in and try to open the share again. The second time you attempt this, the links will not appear greyed out.

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Why don't mounted volumes show on the Desktop?

In Mac OS X v10.6 (Snow Leopard) and v10.5 (Leopard), a default Finder option is to have mounted volumes not shown on the Desktop.

If you'd like to change this to match the way Tiger works, go to the Finder menu and choose Preferences (or use the Command and Comma keys while in Finder). On the "General" tab, check the box next to "Connected Servers".

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Why can't I search a mounted folder with Spotlight?

Since Mac OS X v10.5, Apple's Spotlight has been written to exclude all filesystem mounts except those that Apple's built-in networking uses. Because of this, ADmitMac or DAVE mounted volumes will not be indexed or searched. This behavior continues in the current versions of OS X.

Devon Technologies has a freeware utility named EasyFind ( ) that is able to search volumes mounted with ADmitMac or DAVE.   

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