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The best places to eat or stay close to our HQ are in and around Arlington Highlands.  

The Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington metroplex (DFW) is the fourth largest metropolitan area in the US and the largest in Texas.  About a quarter of all Texans live here. DFW airport is the third busiest airport in the world, with convenient national and international direct connections.  DFW tops lists of the fastest growing areas in the US and Texas tops lists of business friendly states.  The DFW area is home to over 10,000 corporate headquarters making DFW the largest corporate headquarter concentration in the US. Fortune 500 companies based here include Exxon, AT&T, American Airlines, Kimberly-Clark, J.C. Penney, 7-Eleven, Texas Instruments and Southwest Airlines.

Thursby’s headquarters is in Arlington, a suburb of DFW, 25 minutes south of DFW airport via the President George Bush Turnpike (South 161) and across from Arlington Municipal Airport, the home of the world's largest Cessna aircraft dealership.  Arlington is home to the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA), the third largest campus in the University of Texas system, with over 30,000 students from over 120 countries, the Dallas Cowboys football team, the Texas Rangers baseball team and the Six Flags Over Texas theme park.  Arlington and surrounding areas boast many parks, nature trails, Audubon centers, lakes, and marinas, as well as some of the best dining, spas, golfing, sports, shopping, arts and cultural attractions in the US.

DFW contains the largest concentration of IT and telecom companies in the state, with areas known as "Silicon Prairie" and "Telecom Corridor", owing to the large numbers of electronics, aviation, space, computing, dot com and telecom firms in them.  DFW has a similar history to Silicon Valley, California and Route 128, Massachusetts, one of concentrated hi-tech and business innovation from the invention of the integrated circuit here in the 1950s at Texas Instruments, to data center outsourcing in the 1960s with EDS, along with the development of generations of energy technologies, ground-breaking aircraft and space vehicles.  It was Ross Perot of Dallas that funded Steve Job's NeXT paving the way for a re-booted Apple. The old Dallas TV shows set the popular image of the region, emphasizing, however, only the historical economies of land, cattle and oil that built the state.  The Big Bang Theory TV show would be a better representation of the young, highly educated, creative and diverse people that make up the region today.

The entrepreneurial climate, go-getting local residents and companies, warm weather, affordable housing, short commutes, growing economy, low unemployment, lack of state corporate and personal income taxes, strong university system and excellent public and private schools from Montessori Kindergarten to International Baccalaureate attract many individual and corporate transplants.

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"Deep in the heart of Texas"

The stars at night, are big and bright,
The prairie sky is wide and high,
The sage in bloom is like perfume,
Reminds me of, the one I love.