Thursby releases its first eBook - “How to integrate Macs into an Enterprise PC World”

Thursby Software Systems, Inc., the world’s leading provider of Mac-Windows enterprise connectivity solutions, today released its first eBook - “How to Integrate Macs into an Enterprise PC World”.
The eBook is available freely, with no requirement for registration of any kind:
How to Integrate Macs into an Enterprise PC World by Thursby Software.pdf

About the eBook

The commercial and media successes of the Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod/iTunes and stores have lifted iMac desktop and MacBook laptop consumer sales. This so-called “halo effect” has raised user demand for Macs (and all things Apple) in the enterprise. This demand in turn raises the question of how best to integrate Macs into what is most often an enterprise PC world.

Thursby’s short, information packed eBook addresses two sets of needs – the needs of end users and the PC and Mac administrators who support them. Mac users are simply looking to leverage the powerful Mac environment and its creative applications from companies such as Apple itself, Adobe, Avid and Microsoft within their companies, schools, government departments or larger non-profits.

Administrators and managers look to address those needs as well as the challenge of integrating the Macs with existing investments in Windows infrastructure, server gold images, standards, processes, training and support. Topics covered in the eBook range from what works well out-of-the-box from Apple for home and small business users in mixed Mac-Windows environments, to the specific challenges of scalability, commercial grade tools, support and versions in larger enterprises. The focus is on the business importance of an ecosystem of technologies such as Microsoft DFS, network volumes, Microsoft Active Directory / Group Policy Objects (GPO), Mac Workgroup Manager (WGM) and CAC/PIV smart cards rather than a limited perspective of point solutions.

Thursby’s client-based solutions allow Macs to be managed just like PCs, reducing risk and preserving existing investments in Windows infrastructure, processes, training and support. They require no costly and disruptive additions of Windows Server software, Mac OS X Servers or any schema changes. Support is by Mac-Windows specialists rather than AppleCare or UNIX generalists.

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About Thursby Software Systems, Inc.

Thursby is the leader in commercial grade Mac-Windows connectivity with over 50,000 Mac-Windows clients and over a million software licenses sold since our founding in 1986. Worldwide clients range from creative artists, movie production and publishing, to the US government, education, healthcare and energy, to the Fortune 500.

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