The file "FILENAME" in the desktop printer "PRINTERNAME" will be moved to the desktop because it is not a print file.

We are looking into this issue for possible resolution in a future release of DAVE. It seems that the Windows postscript print driver does not format the postscript file correctly for the Macintosh to read. The Macintosh will recognize that the file is a postscript file, but because of the formatting, it will not recognize it as a print file.

Please try the following steps:

- On the Windows machine, go to Start-Settings-Printers
- Delete the printer
- Close the printer control panel and open the Network Neighborhood
- Double click on the name of the Macintosh sharing the printer
- Double click on the name of the printer
- Windows must set up the printer now. Click Yes.
- Click Next
- Configure the printer as a Apple LaserWriter and click Next
- Name the printer and click Next
- Click Finish and check for test page