How can I deploy DAVE to multiple machines?

It is possible to use NetRestore to install DAVE using a VLA license either by removing the computer name in /Library/Preferences/com.thursby.DAVE.cifsd.plist from the master image, or running a NetRestore script after the fact that adds the computer name.

If you are using Mac OS X 10.4, you will need to use the Mac OS X Property list Editor to modify the file /Library/Preferences/com.thursby.DAVE.cifsd.plist. In this file the computer name can be found in:

DAVE Networking

If the 'Computer Name' field in the /Library/Preferences/com.thursby.DAVE.cifsd.plist is empty, then DAVE will try to make up a unique name for the machine by following these rules:

1. Do a reverse DNS lookup of the computer name. Truncate to 15 characters, or to the first period (.) if necessary. For example: = MY-LONG-SHARING = A-SHORT

2. Use the name in the Apple Sharing Preference pane, truncated as

3. Use the name MAC-XX_XX_XX_XX where the X's represent the hexadecimal representation of the IP address, e.g. = MAC-D0_07_2C_AA

This should work fine if you do not require customized computer names. If you want to have more customized names this method won't work. You would would then want to try something like a NetRestore script that runs after the installation to add the custom computer name to the machine.