First Mobile Device Derived Credential Demonstration

Arlington, Texas, April 28, 2014 - This week, for the first time since NIST released their draft guidelines for Derived Credentials (SP 800-157), four companies will give a live demonstration in Washington DC showing how these can be successfully applied to mobile devices. The mobile demonstration will include secure browser, email, document signing, and document access.

Entrust’s Security Solutions event in Washington, D.C. on Thursday, May 1st is open to the public. Registration and additional information can be obtained at their partner’s website

Although the NIST guidelines are specific to U.S. Government Personal Identity Verification (PIV) credentials these guidelines and concepts can be widely applied to both government and commercial organizations.

This event will be the first opportunity for the general public to see how Thursby Software Systems has integrated with Entrust to provide derived credentials to their customers and partners. Also presenting will be partners Silanis and Acronis demonstrating how their existing CAC and PIV enabled applications can use derived credentials without any changes to their existing technology.

Silanis provides the ability for e-signing documents on the mobile devices using technology that currently processes 600 million documents yearly.

Acronis will show the secure integration using Acronis Access. Acronis Access provides services to secure document content access for mobile users.

Entrust is the leading authority in derived credentials. Thursby Software is the leading provider of smart card solutions for mobile devices. By adding Entrust’s derived credentials to their PKard® Toolkit Thursby has enabled their customers and partners to take advantage of this latest advance in secure mobility. The use of derived credentials is a major step forward in mobile security; it will increase ease of use while decreasing operating costs.

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