Mountain Lion upgrades of enterprise Mac-to-Windows integration, management and security software ship

ARLINGTON, Texas, August 8, 2012 – Thursby Software Systems, Inc., the market leader in Apple-Microsoft enterprise integration, ships Apple Mac OS X Mountain Lion upgrades of its enterprise Mac-to-Windows integration, management and security software.

The tenth generation of DAVE®, seventh of ADmitMac® and fifth of ADmitMac® PKI enterprise software are available immediately as free upgrades for customers with active maintenance, or those customers having purchased the previous license versions on or after June 1st this year.  iPad and iPhone customers are unaffected since the mobile version of Apple’s operating system, iOS, is different.  Thursby’s PKard® for Mac consumer Mac software went to production well ahead of Apple’s Mountain Lion public release.  All the new versions support Apple’s new Gatekeeper security technology.

In releasing Mountain Lion, Apple simultaneously released new updates to it the same day, requiring additional enterprise testing for a cross section of our over 60,000 clients, many of whom manage several thousand Macs across multiple sites and have testing requirements and service level agreements (SLA) far stricter than is common for consumers, home or small businesses.   A core appeal of Thursby’s products to organizations is that Apple-Microsoft specialized engineers reach much more deeply into the operating system than the consumer level to deliver simple and direct Apple client-side connectivity with existing Microsoft server infrastructure and processes, eliminating the costs and complexities of passing by any “third wheel” type of server or cloud solution.

DAVE has delivered commercial grade Mac network home folder and share integration since 2002 with Microsoft SMB/CIFS (Server Message Block/Common Internet File System) and Microsoft DFS (Distributed File System).  ADmitMac added Microsoft AD (Active Directory), SSO (single sign-on) and policy management to Macs a year later, with two-factor, strong CAC and PIV smart card authentication added from the mid 2000s in ADmitMac PKI (Public Key Infrastructure).


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Thursby Software Systems, Inc. is celebrating over a quarter century of enterprise Apple integration, management and security.  Thursby has the longest history, widest user base and best software for integrating Apple Mac, iPad and iPhone for organizations with historically Microsoft-focused infrastructures.  With over 60,000 clients, adding over 10,000 in the last year alone, and over one million software licenses sold, clients come from all seven continents and range from creative artists, studios and publishing, to government, finance, healthcare, energy, research and education, to the Global 2000 and OEMs.

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