Sub Rosa™ uses CAC / PIV to Enable S/MIME on Apple and Android Devices

Wednesday, July 27, 2016 (Arlington, TX) – If you’ve been watching the news this past year then you know that getting email on a mobile device has been a long-standing problem for government users. The email servers aren’t designed for mobile use and so, even if you manage to pull them up, reading the email is extremely difficult. Trying to sign and encrypt that email so that you meet official standards? Unless you are on a government issued device, you can forget about it. Many people in the government will tell you that even if you are on a government issued device completing these routine tasks is next to impossible.

Thursby Software Systems has been helping mobile users solve the first half of this equation, accessing websites, for the past four years with their PKard suite of iOS and Android applications. Initially just meant to be a simple two-factor enabled browser, these applications have evolved over the years to include support for things like Java reliant sites, such as Defense Travel Systems (DTS), third party apps, and derived credentials.

Continuing their 30-year history of innovation, Thursby Software has decided to once again take their apps a step further by creating the first mobile browser to sign and encrypt email (S/MIME). To celebrate this advance they will be changing the name of their PKard Reader app to Sub Rosa™, a name whose history revolves around secrecy and honor.

While there are other options for reading and sending S/MIME email, Sub Rosa stands above the rest for a few obvious reasons. Greatest among these are zero data at rest, automatic locking of the app, and the ability to forego additional software or servers. These features are the reason the Navy Authorizing Official (NAO) was able to issue a Letter of Authority (LOA) to operate on their networks with a variation of the app for use on personal devices (BYOD).

The ability to have a BYOD environment makes things infinitely more simple and cost effective for both the government and the end users. The government is able to save money on devices, service plans, and third-party mobile device management (MDM) systems. The end user is able to use a single device for both work and personal use without having to load software that restricts their activity or worrying that personal information may get lost during the removal of government software. 

Thursby Software realizes the security risks that can come from BYOD use and has taken every step possible to eliminate risk. Not storing data on the device and clearing browsing history are a big part of this. To take things a step further, Sub Rosa, unlike most other available options, will be using SHA-256 cryptographic hash functions for all signing functions; most other mail systems are still using the older, less secure SHA-1 functions.

Thursby Software Systems is committed to helping both the government and end users bridge the gap between commercial off the shelf (COTS) hardware systems and the unique needs that arise in the real world.  Sub Rosa is just another step down this path towards securing enterprise and personal mobility.

To find out more about the update or how to get any of Thursby Software’s two-factor enabled applications call +1(817) 478-5070 or email All current users continue to have free support and free updates with this latest release. 



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