Thursby Announces End-of-Life for ADmitMac® PKI

Monday April 3, 2017 (Arlington, TX) - Today Thursby Software Systems, Inc. (Thursby) announced the end-of-life for ADmitMac® PKI for Macintosh.

A decade ago, the U.S. Army standardized on Thursby’s ADmitMac for CAC by issuance of NETCOM / 9th SC Technical Authority (TA) Implementation Memorandum. Thursby had already released the first Microsoft SMB and Active Directory solutions for the Apple Macintosh, ADmitMac for CAC was the first solution for single-sign-on (SSO) using a government issued Common Access Card (CAC) as part of a secure two-factor system of authentication.

Thursby enhanced the product to include government ID cards other than those issued by the Department of Defense, known as PIV cards, and released an update known as ADmitMac PKI in 2010.

Since that time, Apple has continued to improve their operating system by inclusion of their own SMB and Active Directory technology, in part with the help of Thursby, and in the past year reintroduced their own support for CAC and PIV cards.  With the announcement of the Sierra operating system Apple also announced that the Common Data Security Architecture, which ADmitMac PKI is designed around, was being deprecated. This makes the product unsustainable for the long term and Apple’s enhancements have minimized the need for the product in many environments.

For long-term direction, Thursby recommends that customers contact their Apple federal reps or the DoD Coalition of Apple Engineers (

Thursby will continue to support customers under contract, but does not expect any enhancements for the next operating system release.  Sales related questions should be directed to and technical questions to



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