Thursby Announces End-of-Life of DAVE® and ADmitMac®

Thursday, July 27, 2017 (Arlington, TX) - Today Thursby Software Systems, Inc. (Thursby) announced the end-of-life for both their legacy DAVE® and ADmitMac® products for the Apple Macintosh.

DAVE was first introduced in 1996, 21 years ago, as the first Microsoft SMB file-sharing client on the Mac. In 2003, Thursby introduced ADmitMac as the first Active Directory solution for the Mac.

Since that time, Apple has continued to improve their operating system by inclusion of their own SMB and Active Directory technology, in part with the help of Thursby. With the recent announcement of the High Sierra operating system, Thursby believes that Apple has finally culminated a total Microsoft file systems to the quality that eliminates the need for either DAVE or ADmitMac.

Thursby will continue to support customers under contract, but does not expect any enhancements for the next operating system release.  Legacy licenses with 30-day configuration support will continue to be available to all customers.

After three decades, Thursby remains financially strong and focused on bringing innovative products to customers who need them. They will continue a strong focus on secure two-factor mobility solutions for government and commercial users.

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