Thursby Announces New Hardware, New Apps, and Additional Features

Friday, October 21, 2016 (Arlington, TX) – Since the release of the first S/MIME enabled mobile browser, Sub Rosa™, on iOS and Android platforms a few months ago, Thursby Software Systems, Inc. has been quietly working on some exciting new updates and features.

Today Thursby Software officially released for sale the new PKard® Reader case for iPhone 6/6s. This case is similar in form to the iPad case readers they have been selling for several years now. It provides a sleek yet sturdy shell around the phone with a slot on the back where you can fully insert your Common Access Card (CAC) or Personal Identity Verification (PIV) card. A Micro-USB port on the bottom of the reader allows you to charge your phone using the included Micro-USB cable.

All of Thursby Software’s Apple readers, including the new iPhone 6/6s case, come bundled with the Sub Rosa license. Sub Rosa allows users to securely browse to two-factor websites such as DTS, NROWS, and AKO. It also includes the ability to sign, encrypt, and decrypt email (S/MIME) using their Enhanced OWA Viewer. Recently added in Sub Rosa is the much-requested capability to view subfolders. Enhancements were also made to features including saving email drafts and looking up addresses in the GAL.

Although Android users may sometimes feel like developers have given them the cold shoulder, Thursby Software is committed to supporting their Android users with all of the latest features. That is why they have added Sub Rosa Pro to the Google Play store.  Although this app has been available for trial and purchase on for more than a year, many users have requested that it also be listed in Google Play. Sub Rosa Pro includes the abilities of the standard Sub Rosa app including S/MIME email, two-factor browsing, and subfolders. It also adds onto that the ability to support derived credentials, such as the highly anticipated Purebred credential.

Thursby Software has always been a company driven by excellence and innovation and the next few months will prove no exception to that rule. Expected releases include a case reader for the Samsung Galaxy S7, Sub Rosa Pro for iOS, and the addition of calendaring in Sub Rosa on both Android and Apple. Stay in touch with all of the latest news by following Thursby Software on Facebook at or emailing to get added to the newsletter list.



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