Thursby Provides CAC Compliance on Apple iPhones to DoD Agency

Wednesday June 1, 2016 (Arlington, TX) Thursby Software Systems, Inc. is proud to announce that they are the sole provider of software and support for two-factor authentication with Common Access Cards (CAC) on Apple mobile devices for the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA).

Over the past year Thursby Software has been working closely with the DLA on a pilot program that was deployed to over 5,000 users. “We’ve been very happy with how smoothly the pilot program deployed,” said Bill Thursby, President and CEO of Thursby Software. “Getting two-factor authentication on mobile devices was a high priority for the folks over at DLA. Having this technology available on their Apple devices ensures that data and security are not compromised.”

PKard ® for Good has increased productivity at the DLA without compromising the usability to which iPhone users are accustomed or the security that the Department of Defense (DoD) demands. DLA employees with a government issued iPhone are able to plug their CAC into a smart card reader and use PKard for Good to browse two-factor websites, including internal SharePoint sites. The users also have the ability to use Good for Enterprise (GFE), powered by Blackberry, in sync with PKard for Good to read and send signed and encrypted email.

While using a physical CAC for two-factor authentication meets today’s demands, derived credentials are the wave of the future. Having the ability to load secure certificates directly onto a phone or tablet eliminates the need for additional hardware and increases user compliance. Because their apps already integrate with derived credentials, Thursby Software has been asked to partner with the DLA to determine the most secure steps forward in implementing derived credentials.

This 3-year contract for agency-wide support of iPhones and iPads makes DLA part of a series of agencies that Thursby Software has announced enterprise support for in the past year. Others include Navy’s Next Generation Enterprise Network (NGEN) and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). More are expected to follow as many agencies continue ramping up their cybersecurity efforts in response to the Obama administration’s 30-day cybersecurity sprint last summer.

PKard for Good is part of a suite of secure browsers produced by Thursby Software. Support for other Mobile Device Management (MDM) companies, such as MobileIron, is also available.  To learn more about two-factor authentication using CAC, PIV, or derived credentials on a mobile device contact Thursby Software at +1(817) 478-5070 or



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