Thursby Software selected as DISA’s Two-Factor CAC Authenticator for Apple iOS mobile devices

Arlington, Texas, April 6, 2014 – In conjunction with the Digital Management, Inc. (DMI) Enterprise Solutions Group’s commitment for the finest government mobile solutions, DMI has sub-contracted with Thursby Software Systems for CAC enabling DoD Defense Information System Agency (DISA) Apple iOS mobile devices.  This selection comes after a solid year of testing and vetting of the custom PKard® app through both DISA and DMI.

“Although the number of PKard licenses for use within the US Government now totals over 35,000, this is the first time that they will be deployed on a wider basis than as part of one of many smaller pilots or by individual users,” according to Bill Thursby, president of Thursby Software Systems.

The previously stated vision of both DMI and the DoD CIO’s office is of a new mobile deployment ranging from 300,000-400,000 under this combined effort.

According to Mr. Thursby, “all parties learned a lot during the first phase of the DISA mobility project.  From our side, we are still learning many nuances of government web sites.  Many legacy sites were designed only for Microsoft browsers or have inherent requirements for Java, which the late Steve Jobs stated would never be supported by Apple’s mobile devices.”

“Working with some great partners, we are now able to offer our PKard app, the first and only mobile browser that works with DoD’s Defense Travel System (DTS), as part of the new DISA mobility offering. The original pilot deployment only supported a single CAC reader; it now supports all iOS mobile CAC readers currently on the GSA Approved Products List. Being a software company, our technology has been designed from the beginning to support both CAC and PIV reader solutions as well as being expandable for co-existence with future derived credentials.”

Thursby’s commercial software and CAC/PIV card readers are immediately available through  Offerings include solutions for both iOS and Android. Special versions include support for most of the largest Mobile Device Management (MDM) providers as well as Entrust for derived credentials.




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