Thursby Software Systems Celebrates 30 Years of Business

Thursday, September 1, 2016 (Arlington, TX) – Thirty years ago a man from Michigan decided that large corporations were not for him. Tired of the red tape, long meetings, and inability to quickly respond to customer needs he decided to start his own company and do what they could not. Innovate. What started in a garage with just three employees, one of whom was a dog, has grown into a thriving technology company with a commitment to providing excellent software and service to those that the big corporations have forgotten.

William Thursby, the founder and President of Thursby Software Systems Inc., initially moved to Texas when he took a job with Digital Equipment. During sales calls he kept seeing Macs being tucked away in corners because they didn’t tie into the network, but then he would hear questions like, “Why can’t your computers do what this Mac does?” This was the start of a continuing trend at Thursby Software. A need for a specific niche of customers was acknowledged, and Thursby Software rose to the challenge to meet the need and expand the market.

Thursby Software’s first applications ran on Mac OS 1 on computers that operated on a mere 400K bytes.  Since then the market has changed quite a bit, and Thursby Software has grown and changed right along with it. The company has seen many different versions of itself over the years. From a household name sold on Best Buy shelves and licensed in every Pathworks program to a “start-up” in the federal sales space introducing software for iPhones when most groups were still clinging to their Blackberry phones as the end-all-be-all of mobile technology.

Keeping in line with the owner’s aversion to large companies and the bureaucracy that goes with them, the company has stayed small. Employees are treated almost like family and as a result most of them stay for their entire careers. This leads to a familiarity with customers and products that larger groups can never hope to attain.   Mr Thursby is known personally for his charitable heart and willingness to help others. That personality shines through in his company as well with a commitment to customer service and responsiveness that never ceases to amaze.

In all 30 years of business the company has been self-funded with no debt. While this aversion to VC money may seem old-fashioned to some, it has proven to be the key to success. Thursby Software Systems was founded due to one large organizations inability to quickly adapt. Self-funding has allowed Thursby Software to avoid that mistake and continue to evolve.

In a world where tech companies are created seemingly for the sole purpose of being bought, 30 years old is pretty ancient. Great employees and wonderful customers have been the key to this success and are what are sure to continue driving it forward. Thursby Software Systems looks forward to many more years of creating solutions today for tomorrows problems. 


About Thursby Software Systems, Inc. 

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