Thursby Software Systems Helps Air Force Reserve with Mobile Access on Personal Devices

Wednesday, December 6, 2017 (Arlington, Texas) -  A few years ago it was widely believed across the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) that it would be impossible to allow a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program.  Last year the U.S.Navy Reserve (USNR) proved this to be a false belief.

In the year since the USNR has deployed their Ready-2-Serve (R2S) program, they have enabled 35,000 BYOD users and cut operational costs down to 1/10th the cost of the government furnished equipment (GFE). As the most successful and least expensive mobile program in the DoD, R2S has caught the attention of many agencies. The U.S. Air Force Reserve is the only one, however, to have launched their own BYOD program in response.

In February of 2017, the Air Force Reserve released their RIO Connect IMA Mobile Wingman app for Android and Apple devices. Initially the application did not include the ability to access websites that require a common access card (CAC). Without the ability to use their CAC the Reservists were only able to access public facing information. This meant that they lacked access to email, training, and other features crucial to their job.

The Air Force Reserve has leveraged Thursby Software Systems’ software development kit (SDK) to provide CAC functionality within their app. Since the feature release in October, Reservists are able to sign, encrypt, and decrypt (S/MIME) email and browse to job critical websites. According to a press release by the Air Force Reserve:

Innovation is an integral part of the Air Force Reserve’s future, and it comes from the diverse experiences the nearly 70,000 Citizen Airmen bring to the mission from various communities and industries across the nation, said Col. Bruce Bender, the AFRC Director of Public Affairs. He added the mobile-CAC capability will change the way reservists do business. “This tool will provide ease of access, flexibility, streamlined workflow and reduced response time for time-sensitive information,” said Bender.

In order to gain access to these features, Air Force Reserve members must purchase their own CAC reader and download Sub Rosa onto their Apple or Android device. After that they can access the CAC tab on RIO Connect to easily navigate to various sites and features. Because of the integration with Thursby Software’s SDK, RIO Connect users will be able to utilize their mobile device to accomplish tasks that would typically require access to a computer.

A quick tutorial of how to use RIO Connect on Android devices is available here: A similar demo for Apple devices is expected soon. Instructions on setting up the mobile CAC feature can be found at the RIO Connect home page.

Enabling service members to use personal devices increases productivity and user satisfaction and decreases costs. It’s a win-win. To find out how your agency can create a BYOD application contact or call +1(817) 478-5070. 


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