Thursby Wins New Department of Defense Contract, CAC Enables Navy Reserve

Thursday March 9, 2017 (Arlington, TX) – Last week Thursby Software Systems, Inc. was awarded a contract for nearly 29,000 Apple and Android CAC readers, the largest single award of its kind to ever be issued by the Department of Defense (DoD).

This award is part of the Navy Reserve’s bring-your-own-device (BYOD) program known as Ready-2-Serve (R2S). The program, available to all 58,000 members of the force, has seen an incredibly fast adoption rate. Over twenty thousand users have already signed up even though the program has been available for less than six months. This is the fastest adoption rate any mobile program within the DoD has ever seen, and gives the Navy Reserve the largest known deployment of CAC-enabled mobile devices.

Ready-2-Serve is a customized version of Thursby Software System’s popular Sub Rosa® application. Sub Rosa’s built-in ability to have zero data at rest (DAR) on the device created the secure foundation which enabled the Navy Reserve to create the first ever BYOD policy within the DoD. Additional features, such as a customized web application created by Booze Allen (BAH), have made the program secure enough to satisfy stringent mobility requirements while still remaining easy to use and understand.

At 1/10 the cost of their previous government furnished equipment (GFE) program, the new BYOD program has been a huge success for the Navy Reserve. As recognition for this effort, the R2S team has received the Department of the Navy Information Management/Information Technology (DON IM/IT) Excellence Award for 2017.  They will accept this award at the DON CIO East Conference this May.

Members of the Navy Reserve can register to access R2S at R2S is currently available on the Apple App Store and Google Play. A demo video is also available at for those who want to see the app in action before signing up.



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