Thursby partners


We have supported Apple from System Software 2 and even Steve Job's NeXT, to today’s Apple iOS and OS X. Historically, Thursby's software has been sold in Apple stores and even shared Stock-Keeping Units (SKUs) with Macs back when MacWorld magazine described Thursby as must-have consumer products. Today, Apple and Thursby co-operate principally on enterprise accounts with complex Apple iOS and OS X integration requirements.


Thursby has supported from Windows 3.1 and NT to today’s Exchange ActiveSync (EAS), Outlook Web Access (OWA) and SharePoint.

Google Android

From Ice Cream Sandwich, version 4 and higher, Android has matured to the point of enterprise and secure enterprise usage.  Thursby is a silver-level Samsung Enterprise Alliance Partner (SEAP)

Certificate Authorities (CA), smart cards, derived certificates & card management systems (CMS)

We work with leading vendors, especially around industry standard CAC, PIV and PIV-I smart cards, soft (.P12 and .PFX) and derived certificates.

We follow closely emerging standards around -

  • Cloud-based identities, for example,  federated ID, IdP (Identity Providers), SP (Service Providers) and IDaaS (ID as a Service)
  • New contact and NFC contactless cards
  • Alternate secure elements such as SD cards, SIM (Subscribed Identity Module) cards, or even USB key fobs (in the case of Android)
  • Bluetooth and geo-fencing

Smart card reader hardware

We work with our own hardware products and leading third-party vendors. For example, Identiv, S.I.C. Biometrics and Precise Biometrics

We follow closely emerging standards around -

  • New plug-in or cased smart card and secure element readers
  • MFA (multi-factor authentication) involving a biometric that a user “is”.

Independent Software Vendors (ISV)

We work with our own software products and leading third-party vendors.  For example, Juniper, Mobikey, and Silanis.

Systems Integrators

Thursby solutions have been deployed at sites integrating from hundreds to thousands of Apple devices into Windows server or cloud infrastructures in partnership with scores of companies actively engaged in Apple and Android related integration.  For example, Accenture, Booz Allen Hamilton, CBfive and Deloitte.

Distributors, value-added resellers (VAR) & resellers

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Becoming a partner

If you are interested in becoming a partner by integrating with our toolkit for Apple or Android, please reach out to us directly