Apple iPad and iPhone iOS Smart Card FAQ

  • Why is a special iPad or iPhone card reader required?

    Apple's iPad, iPhone and iPod devices, just like Macs, do not have smart card readers built in.  Unfortunately plugging a Mac or PC USB reader into the 30-pin or Lightning connector with an adapter doesn't work. Specific Apple smart card readers are required for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch use
  • Why is Thursby's software needed for the reader, or couldn't I just write my own apps?

    Apple's built in iOS software, e.g. the native web browser, email and VPN, do not support smart cards or readers.  It is possible for developers to build apps using our free PKard Toolkit.  Many apps are already available COTS (commercial off the shelf)
  • Which hardware readers do you recommend?

    We support a range of hardware readers in varying form factors
  • Will just any hardware reader work?

    No, the chip in all Apple Made for iPad/iPhone (MFi) approved hardware associates specific hardware to specific apps.  Not all iPad/iPhone readers meet the US Government standards including TAA, FIPS 201 and GSA APL
  • Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Tizen, Firefox OS or  Symbian?

    Our Android offering is here.  The new market for tablets and smartphones in secure enterprise has been 95% Apple and 5% Android.  Android's share is growing.
  • How do I setup an Apple iTunes account with no credit card?

    Click here
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