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Mac OS X Active Directory, Group Policy & Single Sign-On with enterprise CAC & PIV smart card support

ADmitMac® PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) turns a Mac into a true Active Directory client with two-factor smart card authentication for domain/network login. PKI is a one-stop commercial and fully supported solution for Mac-Windows management and security needs, ensuring compliance with standards such as HSPD-12 and OMB-11-11.

If simpler support is required, for web, web VPN and email with smart card authentication, we recommend PKard for Mac.

$144/Mac or less at typical enterprise quantity (+) with no unnecessary new server or cloud software required

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v8 Highlights

SIMPLE - macOS Sierra (v10.12), Mac OS X El Capitan (v10.11), Yosemite (v10.10), and Mavericks (v10.9) (Legacy support)

  • Easily installed and configured, whether individually or with scaled deployment
  • Integrated into the OS so that the Mac user can work as they always have
  • Smart card domain and network login

TRANSPARENT - Client-based solution

  • Designed to connect to existing Microsoft network infrastructure
  • No unnecessary new server or cloud software required
  • No additional costs for "missing" features
  • Made in the USA, GSA approved, with enterprise phone and email support by Mac/Windows specialists from Arlington, Texas

COMPLETE - Full support for commercial grade Microsoft Windows networking

  • Identity and access management via Microsoft Active Directory, with Microsoft Group Policy (GPO) or Apple Workgroup Manager (WgM)
  • Full support for Microsoft Windows networking (SMB/CIFS)
  • Full support for Microsoft DFS
  • True PKE Single Sign-On with Kerberos PKINIT
  • All US Government CAC, PIV and PIV-I supported via Thursby TokenD "drivers"
  • Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) and Certificate Revocation List (CRL)
  • S/MIME signing, encryption and decryption of email fully supported
  • Full VPN support

Selected testimonials

  • "ADmitMac PKI is the best choice, easiest to implement … Macs are treated just like PCs [with Active Directory and smart card security]”
  • "ADmitMac is the hands-down choice, 5 stars out of 5, the clear winner"
    Comparative Review of Mac-to-AD Integration Solutions, Windows IT Pro Magazine


Thursby has been integrating Apple in enterprise and Government for over three decades, with smart card support for the last nine years, covering from the DoD, Army, Navy, to the NIH and Whitehouse.

Additional capabilities

  • Supports all current Windows operating systems and clustering
  • Network shares can reside on any authorized, accessible network volume
  • Mobile accounts cache successful user login information, allowing notebook users to login using their domain account while disconnected from the network
  • Ability to keep settings and files when moving from local to domain accounts with Home Mover tool
  • Supports Microsoft’s Highly Secure (HISEC) templates
  • AFP Shares – allows users to access AFP shares using their domain account
  • Compatible with popular Mac enterprise anti-virus, deployment, encryption, maintenance and virtualization tools
  • Fully supports Apple’s Gatekeeper security technology
  • Meets DoD PKI requirements
  • Direct smart card middleware support
  • Automatic PKI trust configuration
  • "sudo" replacement via smart card for administration
  • Alternate smart card login, allowing two cards at once
  • Publishes CAC Certificates in Active Directory

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Mac OS X Active Directory, Group Policy & Single Sign-On with enterprise CAC/ PIV smart card suppor
ADmitMac Single Licences

ADmitMac PKI v8.1

Single License with 1 year SUA
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ADmitMac PKI v8.1

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ADmitMac Ten Licences

ADmitMac PKI v8.1

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ADmitMac Twenty Five Licences

ADmitMac PKI v8.1

25 License Pack with 1 year SUA
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  • Please contact us directly for larger quantities
  • There are no server components
  • SUA is enterprise maintenance or support and upgrade agreement including support, updates and all upgrade
  • VLA is enterprise site or volume license agreement that is keyless, simpler to maintain and less expensive
  • ADmitMac PKI specifications
ADmitMac PKI v3.1 Demo

Short demo of Thursby ADmitMac PKI using CAC or PIV smart cards and Active Directory for management and security of Mac computers.