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Mac OS X enterprise network storage with commercial grade Microsoft DFS and SMB/CIFS

DAVE® delivers commercial grade, two-way Mac file and printer sharing integration and collaboration with Windows Server, NAS (Network Attached Storage), or Samba network storage infrastructure, without the issues of the consumer-oriented Apple native implementations.

Thursby introduced DAVE in 1996, co-writing the Apple SMB/CIFS standards with Microsoft in 2002, adding full DFS (Distributed File System) support that same year.  MacWorld reviewed DAVE at the time as a "must have" consumer product. Today DAVE has a mainly professional and enterprise user base since simple home and small business use cases are covered by native OS X.


v13 Highlights

SIMPLE - macOS Sierra (v10.12) and Mac OS X El Capitan (v10.11), Yosemite (v10.10), and Mavericks (v10.9) (legacy)

  • Easily installed and configured, whether individually or with scaled deployment
  • Integrated into the OS so that the Mac user can work as they always have

TRANSPARENT - Client-based solution

  • Designed to connect to existing Microsoft network infrastructure
  • No unnecessary new server or cloud software required
  • No additional costs for "missing" features

COMPLETE - Full support for commercial grade Microsoft Windows networking

  • Especially designed with networked Apple Final Cut Pro (FCP), Adobe Creative Suite (ACS), Avid and Office for Mac applications in mind
  • Full support for network shares and network home folders
  • Full support for Microsoft Windows networking (SMB/CIFS)
  • Full support for Microsoft DFS

Selected testimonials

  • "For situations where performance is paramount, DAVE and ADmitMac are the preferred choices."
  • ”DAVE is a flawless program. Once it's installed, it just works and solves problems for us with Final Cut Pro that we had had with AFP”
    Bob Zelin, President, Rescue 1, Professional television and audio industry solutions
  • "DAVE is one of those products that just 'works' - no hype, no fancy marketing and no paid endorsements"
    Michael Kulyk, MACSPECTRUM, Apple Certified System Administrator, long-time user and installer

Additional capabilities

  • Supports all current Windows operating systems and clustering
  • Network Attached Storage (NAS) support allowing access to industry standard physical, virtualized or cloud storage products from vendors such as EMC, Isilon and NetApp
  • Compatible with UNIX/Linux platforms running Samba
  • Correctly implements NTFS Resource Forks - eliminates extraneous ._ (dot underscore) files
  • Supports Windows ACLs and long file names
  • Fully supports Apple’s Gatekeeper security technology
  • Compatible with popular Mac enterprise anti-virus, deployment, encryption, maintenance and virtualization tools


Mac OS X enterprise network storage with commercial grade Microsoft DFS and Microsoft SMB/CIFS

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  • Please contact us directly for larger quantities, reseller, educational or non-profit pricing
  • There are no server components
  • VLA is enterprise site or volume license agreement that is keyless, simpler to maintain and less expensive
  • DAVE specifications
DAVE v8.1 Demo

Demo of Thursby DAVE installation and configuration for transparent Mac SMB/CIFS and DFS integration and collaboration with Windows infrastructure