iPad & iPhone PKard® Reader Bundles

Hardware, software & support bundles

PKard Reader is available in several form factors.  They include elegant and discrete cases with built-in readers for full-sized iPad or iPad mini and also sturdy metal plug-in readers that support a wide range of iPad, iPhone and iPod devices, with versions for Lightning, or older 30-pin connectors.  All of our bundles include the market-leading U.S. engineered PKard Reader secure browser supporting Microsoft Outlook Web Access (OWA), SharePoint and portal sites. The  browser also coordinates reader and card access to a secure ecosystem of optional Thursby, third-party and organization-specific apps including Exchange S/MIME email, document signing, editing, sharing, Instant Messaging, VPN, MAM, MDM and more.  U.S. phone and email technical support is also included.  Apple device and smart card IDs are not included in the bundle.

         PKard Cases & Readers


Elegant & discrete cased iPad readers 

  • $149.99 - iPad mini (TSS-PK11) iPad mini, iPad mini with Retina display, and iPad mini 3 (available)
  • $89.99 - iPad 2/3 (TSS-PK12) iPad 2/3 (2nd or 3rd generation) equipped with 30-pin connectors (available)
  • $149.99 - iPad Air (TSS-PK13) iPad Air equipped with lightning connector (available)
  • $149.99 - iPad Air 2 (TSS-PK14) iPad Air 2 equipped with lightning connector (available)
  • Discrete - the card  does not protrude when fully inserted
  • Simple - the one-piece design is easy to put-on and take-off
  • Easy to charge - via the built-in micro USB port

Sturdy metal plug-in iPad, iPhone & iPod readers 

  • $139.99 - Lightning (TSS-PK7)  iPad (4) with Retina display, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro, iPad mini, iPad mini with Retina display, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 4, iPhone 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6 plus, 6S & iPod touch (5th generation) (available)
  • **CLEARANCE SALE ** $39.99 - 30-pin (TSS-PK8) iPad 2, 3, iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation & 4th generation) (available)
  • Plug-ins are universal - the great strength of a case is it fits a specific device, also its greatest weakness

Selected quotes

  • "Which smart card reader should you buy [plug-in or cased]?  I would give a slight edge to the plug-in, mainly because of the price"
  • "I travel a lot and the lighter I can pack the better.  Now I can finally ditch my laptop for road trips"
  • “v2 metal readers a great improvement over v1 plastic readers and software has stayed in complete step with CAC environment”
    U.S. Navy
  • "PKard is the only product that enables use of CAC cards with iPhone and iPad that is easy to use and affordable"



PKard Cases Flyers


PKard Cases Flyers


Not sure which iPad or iPhone you have?

Further information

  • Hardware warranty - at the time of delivery and for a period of six (6) months thereafter, this product will perform in accordance with its specifications
  • Supports U.S. Government standards including TAA, HSPD-12, OMB-11-11, FIPS 140-2, FIPS 201 & GSA Approved Product List (APL)
  • Supports industry standards including Apple MFi, ISO 7816, NIST IR 6887, IEC 60950, FCC class B part 15, CE, and RoHS
  • iTunes apps are individual/consumer distributions, custom builds are available for organizations, either standalone, or as part of third party mobile management solutions
  • Hardware ECCN is EAR99 and security software ECCN is 5D002
  • If you use a protective case, a separate extension cable or dock extender will be required for plug-in readers


  • Secure mobile CAC/PIV Android tablet & smartphone plug-in bundles - here
  • PKard developer & demo kit for iOS - here.

More information

  • Not sure which Thursby US Government CAC & PIV smart card product best meets your need?  Click here
  • Contact us at sales@thursby.com or +1 (817) 478-5070



iPad Case Readers

iPad Case Readers


iPad mini / iPad mini Retina - $149.99




iPad 2 / iPad 3 - $89.99




iPad Air - $149.99



iPad Air 2 - $149.99





Plug-In Readers

PKard Readers


Lightning Connector - $139.99





30-pin Connector - $39.99



* In-stock, same day shipping in most cases
* Includes U.S. secure browser license (free download Apple iTunes) & U.S. support
* If you use a protective case, a separate extension cable or dock extender will be required for plug-in readers.
* If you are using a 30-pin reader you can attach to a lightning device with a cable such as this



PKard Reader case & plug-in bundle

2 minute demo of Thursby's PKard Reader case & plug-in iPad & iPhone CAC & PIV smart card secure mobility solutions. Bundles include reader hardware, software, phone and email support.