AFPC Secure System Outage

AFPC Secure is currently unavailable via servers due to recent direction by the secretary of defense and secretary of the Air Force to increase cyber security. Off-base ( access will be blocked for certain public-facing web servers beginning Saturday, Jan. 13.
As a result, some human resource applications and acquisition applications typically accessed via AFPC Secure may be affected as we transition to a more secure online environment. The impact to affected users will be temporary as the applications are upgraded.
Remote users (those connecting off the .mil network or those without a virtual private network (VPN) [e.g. .com, .edu, .net, etc.]) will not be able to access AFPC Secure applications. Users accessing AFPC Secure from their office .mil computer or via Air Force VPN connection could also be temporarily impacted. 
If you experience any problems accessing AFPC Secure applications or have additional questions, please contact the A1 Service Desk at 210-565-5004 or DSN 665-5004. If you are unable to access AFPC Secure and need to process an urgent personnel action, please contact the Total Force Service Center at 1-800-525-0102 or DSN 665-0102.