PKard for Mac and macOS Catalina or Newer

PKard for Mac is Now End-of-Life

For the last decade, Thursby Software has provided a unique CAC middleware that has assisted thousands of military and federal government personnel by helping them access web applications on their personal Macs. Unfortunately, we will not be able to continue this legacy of macOS CAC support with Catalina or beyond. We will, however, continue to support PKard for Mac on older macOS versions, Mojave and older.

What Happens When Installing PKard for Mac on macOS Catalina or Newer?

If you attempt to install PKard for Mac on macOS Catalina or newer, you will not be able to license the product and you will receive an error stating "CODEINVALID_ENTRY" or a variation of this. This is as far as you will get in the installation, and there are no methods to work around this error message. If your Mac is running Catalina or Big Sur, you will not be able to install PKard software on that machine. DO NOT WORRY...we can still help you make things work.



How To Remove PKard for Mac *AFTER* Updating to macOS Catalina or Newer

If PKard for Mac was already installed on your machine at the time you updated from a supported macOS to Catalina or newer, most of the PKard software was removed in that update process except for one file. You’ll need to manually remove that file in order for Apple's built-in smart card solution to begin working. This is done via a simple copy/paste of a one-line command using the Terminal utility on your Mac. You can find the Terminal several different ways...

1) Finder dock icon > Applications> Utilities (folder)> (double-click and open it)
2) Desktop Menu: Click once on your desktop picture. Then click the Go menu (top of your screen)> click Utilities> Locate and open it up.
3) From the Desktop: Use keystroke combination shift+command+U. Locate and open it up.
4) Click the magnifying glass in the top-right corner of your screen in the menu bar to activate Spotlight. Type 'terminal' in the text field and hit Enter once you see Spotlight has located

Once you've opened your Terminal, locate the command below in bolded font. Copy everything in the bold font from 'sudo' down to and including the slash after .Trash, then follow the steps in the bullet list below to proceed.                               

               sudo mv /Library/Preferences/ ~/.Trash/
mv command
  • Copy/paste the above line of command into your Terminal window (see screenshot to the right), then press the Enter or return key.
  • You’ll be prompted for a password — enter your Mac login password and press Enter or return key (**As you type your login password here, you will not see a cursor move. This is normal.)
  • After your Mac login password is accepted, Terminal will be waiting for another command. At this point, you're done with Terminal and can close it. 
  • You can verify the file you just commanded Terminal to remove was succesfully deleted by opening your Trash can. The file is called "". If it's there, it worked!
  • Now you’ll need to reboot your Mac *without* your reader connected for the change to take effect.


How Can I Get Help?

We don’t want to abandon our customers.  We believe Apple has addressed the solution that PKard for Mac provided for years.  We believe that the information above will get your Mac to access smart card protected websites.  However, If you’re having problems transitioning from PKard for Mac to Apple’s built-in solution, we’re here to help.  You can reach our support group by email ( or by telephone (+1 817-478-5070) Monday-Friday, 8am - 5pm Central time.


If you require any additional assistance, please reach out to our support team by emailing or calling +1 817-478-5070.