Common problems using PKard for Mac on High Sierra and Mojave

Here are the most common problems / solutions using PKard for Mac on High Sierra.

During install, PKard Assistant will not recognize the card is available.

When PKard Assistant prompts you to connect your reader and insert your card, sometimes the reader is recognized and the card is not. In this situation, the software is already installed, and the PKard Assistant can be canceled.

To verify that PKard for Mac is working, put your card in the reader, then launch Keychain Access from the Utilities folder. If your card shows up at the top of the list of Keychains on the left (above the word 'login'), then PKard is installed and working.

Card does not appear in Keychain Access when it should.

Sometimes, Keychain Access doesn't show the card information after the card has been inserted into the reader. To fix this, simply quit and reopen Keychain Access.