Server cannot be found

Recently, customers have reported that they cannot get to receiving the error: the server “” cannot be found. From our research, this appears to be a DNS issue, and reports a similar issue. The solution that works for us is to set a custom DNS server.

In our examples below, we will be using OpenDNS servers, but you can choose any servers that work for you. A good list of public DNS servers is available at OpenDNS server addresses are and (referred to as primary and secondary).

Following are instructions for the different platforms we support. If you have problems with these instructions, or if this does not resolve the problems you're seeing, please contact our Support Department at

iPhone / iPad

  1. open Settings > Wi-Fi
  2. select the Wi-Fi you are currently using
  3. select Configure DNS
  4. select Manual
  5. select Add Server, and enter
  6. select Add Server again, and enter
  7. select Save, then back out of the Settings

In Sub Rosa or R2S, try accessing the site again.


  1. choose System Preferences from the Apple menu
  2. click Network
  3. select the network connection service you want to use (usually Wi-Fi or Ethernet, unless you named it something else) in the list, then click the Advanced (button)
  4. click the DNS (tab)
  5. make note of any local DNS Server IP addresses listed on the left as you'll need to add them back after following the next two steps
  6. click the (+) below the DNS Servers list, and enter
  7. click the (+) again, and enter
  8. add back the DNS IP's you wrote down earlier (if applicable)
  9. click OK, then Apply and close the Network window

In Safari or Google Chrome, try accessing the site again.


Different Android 'flavors' have different options. All of them seem to require a static IP address in order to set custom DNS settings, and that is too complex for this FAQ. OpenDNS has a configuration example: Android Configuration instructions for OpenDNS.