Ready-2-Serve (R2S)

Ready-2-Serve (R2S) Support

Below are a list of links to resources that may help you with your Ready-2-Serve application. If you cannot find your solution below, we recommend that you call +1 (817) 478-5070 or email for the quickest resolution to any problems you may be experiencing with the readers or apps.


Thursby R2S Forum

Cables and Extenders

Do you have a bulky case on your iPhone or iPad? Find suggestions for cable extenders at

Additional Readers

  • You can buy one additional Apple reader at reduced cost. For more information, and to purchase, please call the sales team at +1 (817) 478-5070
  • Android readers are available for purchase at our online store. Due their already low cost, no additional discounts are available.

Micro USB-C Readers

  • A Micro USB to USB-C adapter with OTG ("On-The-Go") support is required for Android devices with USB-C ports. We have tested and recommend this one
  • If you prefer, you can also purchase a Micro USB-C reader from our online store.